SHELTER for unwanted animals or for animals who, due to circumstances must be given up by their owners.
FOSTERING program that allows people to foster a pet for a trial period before ADOPTING.
PUBLIC EDUCATION through programs such as Bite Safe that are delivered to daycares and schools.
BOARDING facility available for local residence and tourists. If you are a member you receive a 10% discount.
HSD requires that all boarding animals are to be spayed or neutered. To ensure health, dogs are also required to be up to date on vaccinations, including bordetella.
We offer the option of indoor and outdoor kennels for dogs, and individual or shared kennels for cats. The rate is $15/day per cat and $20/day per dog. We have limited space, so make sure to book in advance.
You can also find the following at the shelter

  • Animal care and welfare information.
  • T-shirts and other merchandise for sale.
  • Pet related products.
  • many lovely dogs and cats looking for a new home.