If you want to help improve the lives of shelter animals, but cannot commit to adoption, fostering might be right for you!

When you foster a shelter animal, you agree to temporarily take a homeless cat or dog into your home and provide them with the love and care that they deserve. You can foster for a predetermined amount of time, or until the animal’s forever home has been found.

Benefits of Fostering an Animal:

  • Improves the animal’s adaptability by:

    • Increasing socialization in a home environment, and helping it get used to different people and other animals

    • Helping the shelter to learn more about the animal, so that it can end up in the most suitable home possible

    • Giving the animal the time it needs to be ready for adoption

  • Relieves an anxious animal from stresses at the shelter

  • Frees up a spot at the shelter so that the rescue can take in another cat or dog

  • And don’t forget that fostering can be an extremely rewarding experience for the foster parent!

To learn more about the Humane Society Dawson’s Foster Program, please contact the shelter.


Please note: Fostering from the HSD is usually only permitted in the winter months, as the summer season is our busiest time for animal visits and adoptions.